Wednesday 27 September 2023

The need for effective Change Management is driven by 3 factors:

Compliance: specifically Sarbanes-Oxley

Operational Efficiency:
to give your organsiation a competitive edge

Risk Reduction: is acheived by reducing unsuccessful / redundant
changes being made

Sure Transports facilitates Change Management Processes by
installing a Custom Change Control system within SAP that will:

Control Development: by using workflows to ensure that all
changes have the correct approvals, documentation and test
scripts before being deployed

Automate Transports: by using workflows to automate the
releasing and importing of Transports, thereby reducing the risk of
human error and improving efficiency


The key features of Sure Transports are:

Workflows: are used to ensure that all the necessary approvals,
testing and documentation have been completed and that they
were done at the correct times

User Exits/BAPIs: are used to automate the releasing and
importing of Transports

Visibility: ensures that you can view all changes made to a
Development object, including all approvals, documentation and
test scripts related to that change

Audit Proof: gives you the confidence to face any IT Audit
knowing that your processes are sound and that you have instant access to any change control documentation that may be
required by the auditors

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