Wednesday 27 September 2023

Sure Stats is an add-on for SAP that provides Organizations with detailed Statistical Information about how their SAP system is being utilized. This information empowers users to make important business decisions with confidence.

The type of Statistical Information that Sure Stats stores includes:

Program / Transaction Code that was executed

Execution User

Terminal Used

Response Time

CPU Time

GUI Time

Load Time

Wait Time

DB Time

Number of DB reads/writes/deletes

Amount of memory used



The Information stored in Sure Stats can be used to:

Identify key Programs: useful to know which are your most
frequently used programs, especially during an upgrade

Identify key Users: useful to know who the key users are for
each program as these users will be able to provide detailed
information about a program and assist in getting changes tested

Alerts: to highlight programs experiencing an increase in average
response time (possibly due to an inefficient change)

Workload Monitor: lets you know when your peak periods are
and how your hardware is coping with these peak periods

Identify bottlenecks: highlight long running programs that might
need to be improved

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