Thursday 30 November 2023

Sure Outputs is a SAP add-on that will dynamically generate programs to cater for any requirement where data needs to be extracted out of SAP. The process of generating a program via Sure Outputs is simple:

Create a Structure: Create an ABAP Dictionary Structure in SE11
that will contain all the fields that need to be outputted

Dynamic Selection Screen: Select which fields in your structure
should be parameters or select options on the Selection Screen

Generate Program: Once the structure has been created and the
key fields have been selected simply click the "Generate Program"
button. This will generate a program with 10,000 lines of code to
cater for output requirements based on the specified structure

Selection Logic: Once the program has been generated, the only
thing that will need to be done is add the code to select the data
from the various DB Tables



The Information stored in Sure Stats can be used to:

Identify key Programs: useful to know which are your most
frequently used programs, especially during an upgrade

Identify key Users: useful to know who the key users are for
each program as these users will be able to provide detailed
information about a program and assist in getting changes tested

Alerts: to highlight programs experiencing an increase in average
response time (possibly due to an inefficient change)

Workload Monitor: lets you know when your peak periods are
and how your hardware is coping with these peak periods

Identify bottlenecks: highlight long running programs that might
need to be improved

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