Wednesday 27 September 2023

The user experience in SAP is made overly complicated by:

Multiple Transactions: in order to fulfill their roles, users often
have to become familiar with multiple Transactions in SAP

Redundant Screen fields: due to the fact that SAP is so
customisable, most SAP Transactions have a large number of
fields, typically users only need to populate a handful of fields per

Sure Transactions attempts to streamline the User’s experience with SAP by:

Central Repository: allows users to process all of their
Transactions from one place, rather than having to call multiple
SAP Transactions directly

Customised Screens: by introducing a dynamic forms editor,
users can customise screens to suit their needs which will remove
the clutter of unnecessary fields



The key features of Sure Transactions are:

Central Repository: Process all of your SAP Transactions from
one place. This simplifies things for users as all the Transactions
will behave the same way via the same interface

Customised Transactions: By making use of a series of
configuration Tables, it is possible for the same Transactions to
behave differently for different sets of data

Customised Screens: Create customised screens for each
transaction simply by dragging and dropping fields into a Web
Form. This ensures that the screens that users interact with are
efficient, intuitive and easy to use

Reduced Development Time: Sure Transactions has 1 central
RFC to cater for processing of all of the SAP Transactions your
company uses. This is ideal for developing new interfaces or for
external systems making calls to SAP, as 1 RFC can cater for all
possible Transactions
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