Wednesday 27 September 2023

Even though BDC Programming is an “old” technology for making updates in SAP, it is still used extensively within LSWM, CATT Scripts and 3rd party tools.

These are very useful, but they are a bit restrictive because:

Users need to understand the tools themselves in order to use them
The underlying code within these tools is not editable

To this end we have developed Sure BDCS which is a SAP add-on that will dynamically generate programs that make use of BDC programming to perform Updates in SAP.

The key benefit of Sure BDCS is that it dynamically generates a stand alone ABAP program that can be edited and executed via SE38.



The main advantages that Sure BDCS offers are:

Reduced Development Time: After a simple mapping exercise to
map fields in a file to screen fields, an ABAP Program will be
developed in seconds

BDC Session Management: Sure BDCS provides a user interface
so that users can manage any BDC Sessions that were created by
that program

Common Interface: All programs generated by Sure BDC will have
the same interface and functionality

Customisation: Since it is a program, you can make minor
modifications, such as adding in your own logic to derive values for
fields, eg mapping a field from a file to a mapping table etc

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